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When you need a new driveway, our professional and experienced team at Neighborly Concrete is there for you. We’re one of the top concrete driveway companies in Harrisburg, NC and the surrounding areas, so you have peace of mind knowing your driveway is in the right hands. Whether you’re interested in a wire-reinforced driveway or a rebar-reinforced driveway, we’ve got the knowledge and skill you need.

Concrete Info

Concrete has different strengths and weaknesses. Compressive strength (PSI) is a widely accepted measure to access the performance of a given concrete mixture, where as its tensile strength is its capacity to resist cracking or breaking under tension. Compared to the ultra-high performance concrete, traditional concrete has relatively high compressive strength compared to tensile strength, which is significantly lower. This is necessary to understand the extent of possible damage. Breaking and cracking arise when tensile forces surpass the tensile strength.

When we are asked that what contributes to concrete strength, the answer is — just about everything. But the common factors include:

  • Type of cement
  • Amount and quality or brand of cement
  • Accidental substitution of cement
  • Cleanness and grading of the aggregate
  • Proportions of water
  • Presence or lack of admixtures
  • Handing and placement methods
  • Temperature
  • Mixing
  • Curing conditions
  • Variations between shipments
  • Age of concrete when in form and tested

As you can see, a lot goes into the installation of concrete over different applications. Rely on Neighborly Concrete to install quality product, provide high-quality work and friendly, supportive customer service.

Available Driveway Modifications

Standard 3000psi, 4″ thick with fiber reinforcement
(Higher Tensile Strength)

PSI increases Of 500psi up to 5000psi

PSI increases Of 500psi up to 5000psi

Increased thickness from 4″ and up
(Boosts driveway’s load-carrying capacity compression strength)

Increased thickness from 4′ To 5′
(Boosts driveway’s load-carrying capacity by nearly 50%)

Wire-reinforced, commercial fiber and rebar.

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