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Averaging out the cost of concrete driveway installation in Harrisburg, NC depends, as there are many factors to consider. Things like the size of the driveway and the depth you’re looking to have poured, along with the amount of concrete needed, are all factors in determining the price of a new driveway.

The time it takes for concrete driveway installation in Harrisburg, NC depends on the size of the project. Neighborly Concrete asks that you give us a call and we can provide you with a timetable.

It is recommended, but often when removing an old driveway you won’t find gravel underneath. Gravel facilitates water moving under the concrete without impacting the base on which is rests. For an additional cost, we can excavate the base as required to make space for gravel to be brought in.

We are one of the concrete driveway companies in Harrisburg, NC that does offer removal and hauling services on our jobs! We do everything we can to take the responsibility off of your shoulders.

No, but reinforcement such as wire and concrete fiber add to the tensile strength and reduce cracking.

Our concrete contractors in Harrisburg, NC do not recommend putting salt on a concrete surface such as a driveway. The salt can damage your driveway over time due to corrosion occurring underneath the surface.

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