Residential Concrete Slab Installations

Concrete slabs are one of the most popular home improvement projects. They add value to homes and make the exterior look great. However, concrete slabs vary in price due to several factors.

  • The size of the projected area of the slab determines how much material will be used.
  • Regional factors play a role as climate and soil types require different preplanning to ensure the concrete cures properly.
  • Permits and labor costs can fluctuate from project to project depending on the needs and wants of the customer.

The best solution to ensuring a great price when looking for residential concrete work is to hire locally to your area. Neighborly Concrete is familiar with what is required in their area and keeps a dedicated crew ready to move onto the job site and perform their trained duties quickly and efficiently.

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Concrete Driveway Repairs and Installations

Driveways don’t just provide access to our garages and front door, they’re also the first thing people notice about your house. A beautifully installed and clean driveway with manicured lawns is the key signature to a well-maintained home, but just like everything else, driveways require maintenance and repair.

A cracked driveway is not only an eye sore but can lead to water damage and further structural issues. Cracks can develop due to natural causes such as weather conditions, root systems, and even settling soil. In addition to cracking, other sorts of damage such as potholes, ruts, and uneven surfaces may develop over time.

Neighborly Concrete is well-equipped to handle many problems homeowners face beyond just driveway repairs. When you hire our company, you can trust us to provide the best options for resurfacing or even new installation. We’re one of the top concrete driveway companies in Harrisburg, NC, and the surrounding areas, so you have peace of mind knowing your driveway is in the right hands. Whether you’re interested in a wire-reinforced driveway or a rebar-reinforced driveway, we’ve got the knowledge and skill you need.

Concrete Floors for Interior Home Design

Homeowners looking for unique and interesting room elements for their homes are now removing the carpet and tile to reveal the concrete slab underneath. The concrete surface is typically finished with stains, polishing, epoxy, or other creative finish.

The concern homeowners face with this design idea is a floor that will be cold or even damp. Concrete temperature is comparable to that of ceramic tile and natural stone floors but is able to trap in sunlight through windows and radiate heat. Concrete floors won’t become damp unless they’re not properly installed or the slab is built on a poorly drained subgrade. Typical codes require a vapor barrier installed to prevent moisture migration.

This is why it is imperative to ensure the contractor you choose during home construction is a trusted member of your community, such as Neighborly Concrete. We work where we live and our customers recommend us based on our performance.

Add Further Value To Your Home

There are several options to increase not only the appeal but the value of your home. Neighborly Concrete is available to discuss various options that include:

  • Additional structures such as a pool house or garage settled on what is known as a detached concrete slab, due to it being separate from the home’s original foundation.
  • Curbing, or landscape edging, establishes a permanent border between landscaping elements.
  • Patios are longer lasting than wooden decks and act as an extension of your home into your yard.
  • Concrete Pathways add a decorative touch and transition from one structure to the next on a property.

Ask How Neighborly Concrete Can Increase Property Value

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