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When you need a new driveway, our professional and experienced team at Neighborly Concrete is there for you.

We’re one of the top concrete driveway companies in North Carolina, so you have peace of mind knowing your driveway is in the right hands.

Whether you’re interested in a wire-reinforced driveway or a rebar-reinforced driveway, we’ve got the knowledge and skill you need.

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Alex and the crew at Neighborly Concrete are polite, professional, and affordable. This week they completed a patio and driveway expansion project at my home in a very timely fashion. Alex explained clearly before the project started what to expect. He also provided me with a clear sketch for me to provide to my HOA. I would highly recommend Neighborly Concrete!

– Jason H.

I am extremely happy that I hired neighborly concrete to make me a large cement patio in my backyard and removing the jungle like shrubbery from the hill in my yard. For all my future work and for whoever I know who needs work done, neighborly concrete is the only company I trust and recommend. They knocked out the work all in the one day. They handled communication with the HOA without any issues. The workers get in, get the job done and clean up leaving the property better than it was coming in.

– Nicholas M.

Some of Our Recent Work

Available Driveway Modifications

Standard 3000psi, 4″ thick with fiber reinforcement
(Higher Tensile Strength)

PSI increases Of 500psi up to 5000psi

PSI increases Of 500psi up to 5000psi

Increased thickness from 4″ and up
(Boosts driveway’s load-carrying capacity compression strength)

Increased thickness from 4′ To 5′
(Boosts driveway’s load-carrying capacity by nearly 50%)

Wire-reinforced, commercial fiber and rebar.

Professional Driveway Repair & Installation

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    Alex was very kind, knowledgeable, reliable, professional, prompt, and experienced. His company did an amazing job and worked exceptionally hard. I had been waiting on another company for over a month who I had previously hired. I was skeptical about hiring another company, but now I am so excited that I found Alex and his crew. Would highly recommend this company!

    Carolyn B